NEXTMAN pg 4 Volume 1 issue 1
tm copyright Roger Mc Kenzie/Vince Argondezzi

Next Man page 4: pencils : Vince Argondezzi inks : Bill Anderson colors : Kurt Mausert
logo and typography: Vince Argondezzi lettering: Carrie Speigle, Phil LaSorda
tm copyright Roger Mc Kenzie Vince Argondezzi

By now, some of you may be wondering, hey, are they running this set of pages in reverse? Glad you noticed!! We are. Here's why.

Several of the pages from the first volly of Next Man releases have been spread out across the internet at various places. The first issue is now available at Wowio, one of the premiere internet digital books sites. As the interest in this property and several new projects begin to appear from Comici, in the meantime, enjoy a close up look at some of the art and story that helped redefine an industry. When the "next" issue is released, we are going to start from scratch on all platforms, and make the first issue available all at once.

So thanks for hanging in there as we rerelease one our first favorites and ready even more!

The Editors