NEXT MAN page 8 vol 1 issue 1

Next Man page 8 tm c Roger Mc Kenzie/Vince Argondezzi:  pencils : Vince Argondezzi inks : Bill Anderson colors : Kurt Mausert
logo and typography: Vince Argondezzi lettering: Carrie Speigle, Phil LaSorda

This is the Next Man  volume 1, created by Roger and me for the old publisher Comico,well before it collapsed after I left, in the eighties. As a co-founder, publisher and contributor of Comico and several independents, you'd think I could have avoided some of the production and political pitfalls that the book and the publishers encountered. The Next Man holds up well, however, and you can see in all it's glory, full size here. The book had some room for improvement, especially the early isues; however, I'm glad to see the continuing and growing following thru the years with this property. For instance, if you look at these newer versions, while nice, more quirks will be corrected for the trade paperbacks. As I have stated before, this version, by no means a complete remaster or reconditioning, and upcoming editions of re-released work, will show an entire new generation of readers some of the fun I attempted to bring to Comico, 
an early look into my independent and pre-majors comics work, and serve as an indicator of things to come.

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