A couple of oldies but goodies. Who remembers Power Boost gloves? And "Huey, Louie, and Duey"?? With more than three decades of professional art in various fields behind Comic Company A/Comici studios, you can be sure there would be hits, but some not so hot stuff...and some in between. I think the early incarnation of "Justice Direct", which appeared in a magazine for one of the first companies I helped start, Comico, had (and has, we will be reviving it ) a good quality and potential. It was an in-betweener. I had to bridge the gap betweeen some other really far out characters that were being done in the book in what I can say, very diplomatically, was "graphically challenged". Now I'm sure you can pick out individual panels in my story that were a little weak, but I was the only one drawing anything professionally and getting paid for it, as I was drafted into DC's penciller intern program at the time. (This was before books assigned to me like Infinity Inc) I was trying to get the others to listen about correcting some blatent layout and rendering mistakes. However, that being said, I must state that the other characters in the book, as characters and stories, were really top notch, and I hope the boys will do good with them. I just wish they had let me do the layouts.

Vince Argondezzi

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APEEK News from Comic Company A

Veteran Super Heroes find new life
Source: Comic Company A
The Next Man, a comic book by writer Roger Mc Kenzie (Hulk, Ghost Rider) and Vince Argondezzi
( RacerX, Speed Racer, Cosmos' Commandoes) revive the story of the most traumatic post war syndrome of all...

The Next Man is the story of David Boyd, an American soldier and hero. Super hero.More than
25 years have elapsed since David Boyd, Boonie, Doctor Cross, and a host of other characters first graced
the pages of comics.Now these characters are being revived, in print and soon to be online.
The nowadays commonplace subjects like Euthinasia, and the aftermath of the Vietnam war were not
talked about too much in the mid eighties in comics. Roger Mc Kenzie and Vince Argondezzi brought the
eclectic Next Man to the independent comics realm in the those heady days, and in doing so, opened up the
subject matter to these and many other issues, in quite a dramatic fashion. It's where the award winning
writer, Mc Kenzie, of the Hulk, Captain America and Ghost Rider, and cartoonist/commercial artist/
illustrator Argondezzi, later to lend his skills to the majors also, brought about a cacophony of racing
motorcycles, government agents,computers, and secret projects into a thoughtful and introspective romp
into the Unknown.
"In the light of America's more recent military conflicts, these storylines and concepts are more important
than ever," Argondezzi states. "The super hero has always been a fantastic vehicle, an excellent metaphor
for the super heroic efforts and problems that our men and women in the military services have to deal with
every day, in war, and after these battles are consumated. Rog and I have used Next Man as an analogy for
the journey of these brave folks. It is by their sacrifices and determination that we as artists and free people
are given the privilege of exploring the future; it's only through the freedom that they graciously secure for
us, can that future and it's positive possibilities also be secure."
Look for Next Man info at nextman.com, and news for this and other new exciting upcoming comic and
entertainment projects at entercomx.com, and other newsand media outlets.
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APEEK News from Comic Company A