DC Comics (unpublished)

This is material for a Hawkgirl story Roy Thomas wrote that I pencilled for DC circa early nineties (I think, but don't quote me it could've been earlier or later..) This is page 6 of an eighteen page story. I was trying to break away again from the "six panel per page" style that I like a lot, and go more with a story element central to the composition of the page, with other elements revolving around it. I like that technique, but I want to maintain a frame of reference and keep my camera as the constant. Hence I always gravitate back to a static reference frame ... I throw my camera around a lot, but I still like each panel to be it's own scene. This layout technique seen here was in big at DC at the time I was hitting my stride with the books I was assigned to be regular penciller on. You can look for yourself on the early Infinity Incs I was doing. I had inherited the book from Todd and attempting to maintain the style he set down, but within a year or so I was back to my six panels a page. But the sales did go up on my run (a little). This of course, pissed some editors off. I mean that the panel style was different, not that the sales edged up.
(However, I'm sure there might have been some that were annoyed that my books were doing well.)

This story was done later. 'Cause, who wants to tick off an editor...hmmm..? 

Vince Argondezzi

Hawkgirl Secret Origins
pg 6
Vince Argondezzi pencils
Roy Thomas story
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